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Easy and accurate software that predicts demand for products before and after launch. With Artificial Intelligence, Simporter provides everything you need to be the first mover in your market.

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"After just a few of our product launches, we realized that having this data is a necessity, not a luxury." - Chief Marketing Officer at a Fortune 500
Our features
The keys to your product launch success
Predict demand for new concepts
Our AI algorithms tell you which products to launch, which will be best-sellers, and which products will fail.
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AI-driven insights, as easy as pie
You don't need to guess anymore or be overloaded with complicated analytics solutions. Our system requires zero training to get accurate insights.
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Secure and quick to set up
Setup is hassle-free. You can upload data in any readable format. Our systems are secured on the cloud and can be up and running at the click of a button.
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Track competitor launches
Distinguish competitive launches that you need to defend against from ones that are just noise. With attribute-level analysis, our algorithms tell you about the launches to focus on and filter out the ones that aren’t a risk to your market share.
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Read and React in Market
Get the earliest possible read on consumer response to your new launches. Gain insights in just hours after launching, so you can adjust as needed.
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Innovate with more reward, less risk
Companies using Simporter increase sales by 22%. Reduce risk by bringing science to critical decision making, multiplying your launch rate of success.
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